Saturday, March 20, 2010

WFV Hillbillies

I was excited the other day to get my very first e-mail photo submission for my blog!! That is, until I saw the picture.

This is directly from the email:
Although I (almost) hate to poke fun at my own kind (WV hillbillies) - this was too good to pass up.
This woman walked into a [grocery store], in PUBLIC, in front of God and everyone, wearing this shirt -- and toting a kid with her. And yes, she willingly posed for me, while extolling her tale of how she won it in a bar.
What wonderful parenting skills. Even her kid knows she's wrong for that. LOOK AT HIS SIDE EYE ACTION! West. Fuckin. Virginia? How about Child. Fuckin. Protective Services? He's screwed...

West Virginians are not particularly known for their common sense and practicality and this woman does not do anything to change that. I wonder what she had to do to win it...actually, maybe I'm (and you) are better off not knowing.

Thanks to Leslie for the pic and being a good sport about her "own kind" lol!


  1. To her credit, she did have teeth and was wearing shoes Other W. Virginians were equally appalled - this behavior is not representative of all! PA has it's share of these, too! lol

    Wonder how they show state pride in Kentucky?

  2. I love ittttt :) Now I gotta go find me a damn shirt...LOL