Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Classroom Shootup

This dude really sat next to me, took his blood sugar measurement AND THEN PROCEEDED TO INJECT HIMSELF!!

No, that picture is NOT a setup. He really did this in the middle of class. (How did I get this picture? Come on, my career goal is to become an investigative journalist! I think you can see that I shouldn't have much trouble catching people in the act of their ridiculousnesses.)

I could write a dissertation on how inappropriate, disgusting, unsanitary, unslightly, etc. etc. this all is, but I wonder if he thinks its bad for his health. I mean, he put the cap to his needle (which goes into his body) on the table. Really??!! Equally as trifling people sit there, rubbing snot, saliva and God knows what else into it. This is the school where people kiss walls, remember.

Next time this happens, I'm going to calmly raise my hand and ask my teacher if I may be excused from class because I'm uncomfortable with injection drugs. That would be an interesting post...

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