Thursday, February 18, 2010

Is This What We Really Care About?

Looking through Google News is a part of my daily routine. I couldn't believe that this story was really making headlines today:

Now, I realize that this story comes from the keystone of journalistic quality: Us Magazine. But still, to have that on a main page is absolutely ridiculous.

It makes me think about the other day in class when a professor of mine told us that nobody in his class got the answer right about the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan on a current events quiz. The question involved the city of Marja, a place nobody could recall.

If that quiz had asked who is the famous couple whose son child just lost a tooth, however, I wonder how many of those people would have gotten the answer right.

Is that what we really care about?

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  1. I have a definite WTF for you...

    I've taken a liking to another site though, so my time on here would be limited =/ but just in case you need to find me

    much love JP =)